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Some parts are Japanese because of their delicate expressions.


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Spec: Rollout 1956.02.03; Type B; Movable enviroment 293-303 Kelvin.

Self-assesment: ★中肉中背でスレンダーなボディーに身を包み, 天文学の第一線で活躍していて, アニメやSFが好きで,カラオケも唄え, お酒も嗜み,きわどい話もできる, 女性にやさしい不惑のナイスミドル.

Cool-assesment: ★風が吹いたら飛んでしまいそうで, 天文学界のヤッチャンと呼ばれていて, アニメイトに出入りするごっつアヤシイ, 歳も考えずに変な歌ばかり唄う, ノンベでスケベなただの迷惑な中年.

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I have grown up, in realtime, reading and seeing the Mighty Atom, which was transported to western world and known as an Astroboy. Mighy Atom, created by Tezuka Osamu, is the most famous comic hero in Japan. The late Tezuka Osamu is a founder of story comics in Japan and also a father of ANIME and JAPANIMATION.
My best 3 animations are: My recent favorites are as follows: Science Fiction:
I favor science fiction stories since my childfood.
My best 3 science fictions are: My recent favorites are as follows: Astronomy:
I like the space and the universe since my childfood. Enchanced by the science fiction (comic), the astronomy is my work now.

Beer is KIRIN lager, Sake is cold GINJO, Wine is white, Cocktail is kahlua milk, vodka base, and so on. That's are favorites.

I favor pops and anime music. My favorite artists are, e.g., Arai Yumi, Southern All Stars, JUDY AND MARY and others.

Video/Computer Game:
When I entered the graduate school, Space Invader became popular. Since then, I have been enjoying Video game, Famicon/Nintendo, Superfamicon/Nintendo, Sony Playstation (32bit game machine), Segasaturn (32bit game machine).

My recent favorites are as follows:

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Research Activity

In the field of astronomy, which extends ten billions light-years in space and fifteen billions years in time, my research objects are mainly:

Paper List

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Lectures in this fiscal year are: Lecture guide (Japanese) is HERE.

My several opinions on education (Japanese) are linked as:

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In order to popularize science and astronomy, let us try and try and try, using all the media, including books, VTR and/or TV, CD-ROM software, WWW, and so on.

But the way is steep and the goal is far away.

ad astra per aspera

Comments and questions are welcome.

Visual Astronomy
6000K Blackbody

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Book List (perfect version)

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Career (Japanese) is HERE.

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Comments are welcome.

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